Advocating on behalf of “Friends of Dulaney”

Hundreds of TES children will one day matriculate to Dulaney High School. Therefore on behalf of  “Friends of Dulaney,” the TES PTA is sharing a letter template that can be used to advocate for a replacement DHS. Please consider writing to the County Executive and County Council Members.

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Here are some points that Friends of DHS are sharing with us.

  • Dulaney High School was built in 1964 and is in poor condition systemically, structurally and cosmetically due to age and neglect.
  • Parents have advocated for the past two years for relief from brown water, weekly burst pipes, antiquated facilities, plexiglass windows, etc.
  • The feasibility study proposed by BCPS does not address structural deficits of the building.
  • The current scope of the renovation submitted by Baltimore County Public Schools does not address the projected overcrowding of the school in future years.
  • Dulaney currently has a deficit of 47,000 sq.ft. of Allowable Square Footage according to MSDE formula.
  • Dulaney High School is more than double the size in staff and students of Pikesville High School and currently has eight hundred students and staff more than Hereford High School.
  • If Dulaney High School’s construction is not completed in a comprehensive fashion, the community would need to continue to lobby for realignment of the site, correction to currently identified structural issues (not currently included in the scope of the project) as well as the additional space to accommodate projected future overcrowding.
  • Ultimately, having to address overcrowding and site work in a future construction project is a waste of tax payer money.
  • A new school is more cost efficient. New construction per square foot is less expensive than renovation.  The project can occur on a faster timeline thereby allowing more value per construction dollar spent.
  • New construction alleviates the many security and programming concerns caused by a renovation during the school year.
  • The argument that the County cannot afford such an expense is shortsighted. The extension of the life expectancy of the building, a building insufficient for future enrollment and without updated site work and comprehensive scope is a stop-gap expenditure.
  • Allows for a more energy efficient, cost saving structure.
  • A new Dulaney High School is an investment future, not an expense.

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