Timonium PTA Social Media Policy

Timonium Elementary PTA established a policy to guide its media efforts and activities, including its newsletter and social media. Media opportunities, including social media, are growing rapidly. However, before any media platform is utilized for the Timonium PTA, it should be analyzed to determine: 

  • Compatibility with the Timonium PTA’s media goals
  • Compliance/agreement with a platform’s Terms & Agreements
  • Audience reach 

Once a platform has been selected and approved for implementation, its use should conform to this policy.

Timonium PTA Media Goal

Timonium Elementary PTA may employ various forms of media to keep Timonium families informed and involved in the PTA’s efforts and programs.

Media Objectives

  • To actively engage Timonium families by various media outlets, including social media, to communicate about Timonium PTA efforts and programs as well as issues that may affect the school or education.
  • To encourage a closer relationship between families and the school to foster cooperation in the education of our children.
  • To encourage volunteer participation in the Timonium PTA.
  • To encourage attendance at Timonium PTA programs and events.
  • To listen to suggestions voiced by Timonium families via social media. 

Social Media Presence

Timonium PTA’s initial social media presence will be on Facebook. The Timonium PTA Facebook Fan Page will be set up and maintained by the PTA President or a chairperson(s) designated by the PTA President in accordance with the goal and objectives stated in this policy. No other Timonium PTA or faculty member is authorized to maintain and update the Timonium PTA Facebook page without prior approval from the PTA President.

Media Implementation

All content published by the Timonium PTA or to the Timonium PTA Facebook Fan Page or other social media platforms must be in accordance with the following intended uses:

  • Encouraging membership in the Timonium PTA,
  • Distributing advance notices of Timonium PTA events and initiatives,
  • Soliciting volunteers to assist with Timonium PTA events and initiatives,
  • Encouraging participation in fundraisers, food/clothing drives, book fairs, recognition events, and other events and initiatives,
  • Informing Timonium families about news, events, programs, or legislation that may affect the school or education,
  • Recognizing special achievements or accomplishments of Timonium PTA members, staff members,
  • Encouraging support for Timonium PTA legislative initiatives, when appropriate,
  • Recognizing Timonium partners and supporters, when appropriate, and 
  • Other uses as approved by the Timonium PTA President and/ or the Chair of the Communication Committee. 

While the Timonium PTA does not seek to sensor posts or limit freedom of speech on its social media platforms, all content must be in compliance with the PTA’s policy and intended uses. Any content that is deemed to be prohibited or objectionable will be removed by the PTA President or social media chairperson. The following uses prohibited on any Timonium PTA media outlet, including social media platform, emails and website:

  • Cyberbullying of any kind, including insulting, targeting, embarrassing or excluding any individuals, including but not limited to School Board officials, school administrators, teachers, PTA member, students, parents or other individuals,
  • Offensive language, including but not limited to ethnic, religious and racial slurs; profanity; sexually explicit language and the like; 
  • Acronyms of offensives expressions, e.g. WTF, POS, DOC, FAH, FB, HUYA, LMAO, I&I, etc.
  • Soliciting or advertising any business,
  • Furthering an issue or product for personal or professional gain, 
  • Conversing about PTA Board business or discussions, and
  • Airing grievances with School Board officials, school administrators, teachers, PTA member, students or other individuals. 

Determination of prohibited use or objectionable content is at the sole discretion of the Timonium PTA President. Any complaint of objectionable content will be handled by the Timonium PTA President.

Photos and Videos

Photos and videos may be uploaded periodically to the Timonium PTA social media site. It is the policy of Timonium PTA not to identify any child or individual by name in any photo on any Internet site unless the express permission has been granted from the parent/guardian.

Delegated Authority for Administration

In the event of illness or extended vacations, it may be necessary delegate authority for media administration/ maintenance to a PTA board member.

Annual Transition

Responsibility for Timonium PTA’s media platforms will transition to the in-coming PTA president along with other responsibilities. The outgoing and in-coming presidents will be responsible for coordinating and executing a seamless transition without substantial delay.


This policy was developed with information obtained or input from the national PTA web site. It was approved on July 1, 2014.